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United Instant Chapati Maker...
United Instant Chapati Maker...

United Instant Chapati Maker Roti/Khakhra Maker

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  • UNITED Roti/Chapati - maker are doubly checked for perfect performance by our highly trained engineers.
  • Ultra-safe with a shockproof body and heat resistant handles : The Roti/Chapati - maker is ultra-safe having a shockproof body and a heat resistant handles. This makes sure that you can use the rotis / chapatis maker to make as many Rotis /Chapatis for you
  • Automatic cut-off feature with indicator light:What sets this roti/chapati - maker apart is that it has an pre-determined (fixed temperature) automatic cut-off feature which cuts-off the heat supply to the roti / chapati - maker and regulates the temperature. The LED indicator light turns ‘off’ when the machine is ready to take your ‘dough ball’.

Portable Automatic Chapati / Roti Making Machine, Lightweight - Fast - Convenient - Hygienic - Saves Time and Energy, No Roller Pin 'Belan' Required

Automatic Double Thermostat - Temp. Control - High Quality Teflon - Non -Stick Coated Aluminium - Tawas Sturdy S.Steel Body

Shock-Proof Insulated-Bakelite Handles Ideal for making Crisp Roties, Papads ,Khakhras, Parathas ect,

It is a Portable - Moving Tawa.

Dimension:- Tawa Size = 20.26 Cm approx 8 Inch , Box LxBxH = 30.48 x 22.86 x 22.86

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